I then messaged the 12 people that responded. Below, I’ve included 5 of the many transcripts of my conversations in order from least-structured to most-structured practices.

5. “The Google Doc Visitor”

4. “The Active Polymath”

3. “The Spontaneously Everyday”

2. “The Striving Regular”

1: “The Structured Goal-Setter”

Most everyone divided their reflection between physical manifestations of thought, like journaling, and something else akin to daydreaming.

“The Google Doc Visitor”

Me: Thanks for sharing! I’ve tried using docs too but it seems like…

I had visitations to the mirror, as most folks do. My reflection had been growing a stare of disdain for some time. You might relate… The eyes, less vivacious… The skin beneath, less elastic… The smile, rarely enthusiastic… There used to be a kid looking back at me from the mirror. The kid was full of life. The kid would reach through the mirror, run cold water from the bathroom spigot, and holler as I splashed my face clean! The kid would shout motivation and love from the thin pane of glass. I missed that kid!

I dropped out of…

The pressure is insane. I come across and idea and will rush to find the book that might scratch the back of my inquired spirit. I hope to feel the resonation between my consciousness and another which helps to deep my understanding of this deep life we all live.

Photo by Axel Antas-Bergkvist on Unsplash

A feeble attempt to discuss the Outer Vs. Inner.

Vehicle: Kanye West from College Drop Out to KIDS SEE GHOSTS.

Kanye West has evolved in his artistic career in the public eye. He began his career as a college dropout of Chicago State, producing critically acclaimed tracks for artists like Jay-z, Ludacris, and Alicia Keys. West released his own first album in 2004, The College Dropout (Gale). The freshman album’s seventh track Jesus Walks includes a line that I believe foreshadows the rest of his career, “we at war with terrorism, racism, but most of all, we at war with…

Taking Pride In Your Craft

My dad shared this screenshot with me this evening. I imagine him stumbling upon it and having a lightbulb moment, “This! This I resonate with!” Surely he didn’t have the exact word for it before; I know that I didn’t. But the definition is something that has long been alive in the Dossett household.

Both of my parents are business owners. My father installs tile and my mother is a hairstylist in her own salon. I have a great admiration for their relationships with their crafts.

To hone the skills of each craft is admirable…

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

.The right to privacy is something people value. People value and manage their privacy in the physical world, but it becomes more difficult to do so when parts of their lives are lived on digital platforms — platforms that have infrastructures beyond the average user’s knowledge and comprehension. How might we mitigate what a right to privacy looks like in the digital age?

.If I were to tell you, as a twenty-two-year-old man in 2020, that I have more electronic interactions than face-to-face interactions, I think it would sound extremely believable. By 2006, my mom stopped making family photo-albums —…

When the birds chirp their first songs

And you think that they ought,

To do it all day.

Or at the very least,

May they come and then stay,


But that’s not how it goes.

You pray, you wish, you cross your heart.

You think you’ll find peace.

…If the moon sticks around,

If the sun doesn’t run,

If the rain keeps on pouring,

Or at the very least,

May they come and then stay,


But that’s not how it goes.

You pray, you wish, you cross your heart.

You’re too tall

You’re too fat

Let’s be honest

You’re not all that

You give up too easy

You’re persistent till it hurts

You break down and cry

Because, nothing ever works

You’re one of your word

But so often you’re not

You will choose not to fight

But say that you fought

You’re a liar!

You’re a cheater

Mostly to yourself

It’s an every day thing

You expect to maintain your health

But you can’t

and you won’t

And you don’t see the light

It’s like every day

Is followed by a long, sleepless night

You were told to…

I brought you flowers but didn’t know where to lay them. It was the least I could do, for all of these patterns and infinite mayhem. I’m forever at your feet, for who else would feel this world?

To bring flowers to you is to bring flowers to me. For what I give, you most often give back; is another flower really what I need?

Total entertainment forever.

Shirk the duty of this life like a fawn off the fender, of a car driving way too damn fast down a dark, rural road. …

How Crazy It Is To Be Alive At All…

*MAN 1 sitting in the right of the frame, distractedly scrolling on his phone with his headphones on*

*MAN 2 sits down next to him with a book in hand*

*MAN 2, opens the page, looks over, looks back into the book then speaks up*

MAN 2: “Hey man, do you ever think about how crazy it is to just be alive?”

MAN 1: “Hm, no. Not Really.”

MAN 1: “Oh hey man, did you like my post on instagram?”

MAN 2: *stares* “No. What happened? What’d you post about?”

MAN 1: “Oh bro, it’s just a sick picture. Last…

Christian Dossett

Florida based. I think of myself as a old western character, but instead of slinging guns, my weapon is ideas, and believe it or not, they're totally non-lethal

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